Thursday, January 23, 2014

7H3 5 $3NCEZ

Optical Illusion when you look at it from the right angle you can see it but when from the wrong you see what  it actually looks like, it tricks your mind because you recognize the things in the photo from the right angle giving it the appearance of being 3D.

Now lets look at the wrong angle

Artwork by: Julian Beaver
I think that visual agnosia would prevent you from being able to recognize this image because it impairs your ability to recognize objects.  This must be hard to live with because of all the difficulties and issues that would come up from that and all the things you would miss out on seeing in and through life.

I adhere to the theory that reality is what I see because If I can see it and prove that this is how I see it then it is real to me making it real.

I see stickers and things as bad because the way they represent things is from the kids culture today and i represent the ideals of the last generations culture.

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