Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This I Believe Analysis

I believe that there is no god analysis.  This essayist believes that there is no god and believes that only people can make a difference.  He is extremely cynical and one-sided.  Because of his belief that there could definitely be no god.  That makes him extremely close minded to all the things in life that have no explanation.  He can't believe in nothing without believing that there is nothing.  He has no trust over what he cant see.  God is called light in the bible, if god is light or pure energy then because light moves at 299,792,458 meters / second that is faster than anything else.  at that speed in one hour, he could have traveled 1,079,252,848,800 meters.  We could have traveled about 60 miles in a car so imagine what a creature that moves that fast could do in a day?  25,902,068,371,200 meters.  In a week?  181314478598400 meters.  Because of that I can say that if god is light like the bible said then there must be a god because light is pure energy meaning god is nothing more than pure energy.  If god isn't real because nobody can see him or prove he is then gravity isn't real because it is a law, we cant see it, explain it, or prove how it works so therefore neither are real.  So if you believe in gravity then you should therefore believe in god, thermodynamics, and the rest of the natural laws because we cant prove them, but we are sure that they exist so therefore they must be real and so is god.  His close mindedness to the facts of the explainable mysteries of our world only shows his incompetent beliefs and how he cannot think of anything else because he must see to believe.  He could have restated that better to be I don't believe in god because I cant prove him true or false but I am sure there is something out there because of the same.  This is what I believe.

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