Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Task Part 4

If science is global cooling, I mean, global warming, I'm sorry, climate change now, Then how is that evolving.  That is something I can get a dyslexic, mentally disabled, ass-burgers, ADHD, ADD kid to figure out in 5 minutes.  You just "change the word" and all of a sudden its evolved over ten years of not so trying to change it so it fits whats going on not going to find out whats going on and why.  That is not evolution.  That is stupidity tricking people into falling for un-thought-out beliefs into something amazingly scientific in the field of "green" which I call ecological idiots.  If humans are polluting this earth so much they should go kill themselves to help "SAVE" the earth and prevent overpopulation and climate change, one less thing to worry about in the completely useless ecology department.

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