Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Task Part 2

Climate change must be BS because if you look into history the last climate change was global cooling because during Nixon everyone was sprinkling coal dust on the ice caps trying to prevent global cooling from causing the next Ice Age but now we "OVERCORRECTED" and are now in global warming but in these last few years there are 30% more ice caps in the polar regions.  Some "GLOBAL" "WARMING" is so warm it is freezing the earth...OOPS...did we overcorrect again and restart "GLOBAL COOLING" if you look into the past we are both overdue for another ice age by about 2000 years and we are just going through the next cycle in the Earth that happens every so many years(about 10) and it is just going on as always.  If humans havent destroyed the Earth in the last however long we have been here strip-mining, oil drilling, diesel burning, and everything else over the years.

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