Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lies, you ALL LIE

1. Which cards did your group find easiest to place? Which did you find most difficult?
          Our group found the easiest ones to be the cards about minor things like a kid crying for attention.
2. How similar or different was your order from that of other groups? Were there any surprises?
          It was about the same, there were no surprises.  It turned out the same as everyone else.
3. Were there cases where you’d need more information about the context before placing it?
          Yes, like the kid looking around crying about something if his parents are there.  If there was more information such as he just skinned his knee or broke his arm it could help us tell how bad it actually is.
4. How many of these forms of deception have you engaged in – be honest :) ?
          Only a few.
5. How widespread do you think deception is in the population at large?
          Everybody does it at some point in their life, some people do nothing but that such as lawyers.
6. How do you define a “lie” – which of these cards would you classify as “not a lie” and why?
          Most of them such as waiting to see if parents are around before crying.
7. Under what circumstances, if any, is it acceptable to mislead or deceive other people? Should we tell the truth at any cost, or are other things, such as happiness, more important?
          It is acceptable when you don't want to hurt peoples feelings but it is never necessary.

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