Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feeeeeeel the MUSICal EMOTIONS flow forthright therafter...or something like that...

Hey, Music originally evolved as a form of defense and then to ritual but has changed throughout time into something more.  A profession to be enjoyed and heavily worked to learn.  Music has also been tested in helping the brain remember using rythmic patterns and feelings which come around from different pieces.  It has developed a language all of its own, similar to all speakable communications but has become something that can communicate emotions in the place of words, universally understood because we all were born with the same feelings and can recognize them from the different types of scales and pitches that cause innate reactions within us.  Those reactions such as high pitched noises which set us on edge and low noises which sound mysterious and creepy.  Music is more than whats written but also whats interpreted in the communicator of it.  When listening to music you increase brain function which improves your spatial awareness.  Music without words causes this because of the minds desire to hear and interpret the sounds as a language which is why we focus when someone calls our name.  It is a pre-birth adaptation which used to provide awareness for things which may try to sneak up on us and harm us.  We hear noise and brain functions increase as well as adrenaline levels and react to it differently depending on the noise heard also expanding our hearing to try to catch the location of it.  When you focus on listening it wakes up your brain allowing more of it to be used, so why can't there be music everywhere to keep us alert?  If it makes that much of a difference then why not constantly have a playlist of it running?  It is a limited effect which only lasts so long then wears off and once it wears off and the environment tones down the effect can take place again at the next sound, otherwise we would constantly be alert and ready to do something which may not always be desirable.  Emotions are a direct result of attempting to interpret music because to understand the flow of sounds one must look inside of themselves for what they think it should be then it is felt instead of heard and a better concept of it becomes visible.  Nope thats all I got...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playlist of My Life Its on my Rdio profile and should be public, so just follow this link if you want to see it. HAPPY HUNTING Explanations:

Monday, June 2, 2014


Found the coolest effects and couldn't make them work with it :(, cant wait to download a screencast program, I could do this sooooo much better and more ¤ interesting :)

#78A7FF(color code failed sorry) VLOG old school because I like to talk to people face to face...I find it more interesting...personal quirk...sorry, went a bit over § 7 § minutes :(

Also wrote this post in HTML ♥ Ω soooooo TO WHAT EXTENT(does every third question on the history start with To What Extent) DOES SCRIPTING TEACH YOU SECRET OF THE LANGUAGE OF MACHINES???

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Image Poem Image

Image Poem

Bubbles are love,
fragile and fun,
Hearts are where your feelings are
Confusion is essential
but even so love is worth it
it is mystical and incomprehensible like a paradox,
even so love is like bubbles,
I love special people,
they make me the happiest person around

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Car crashes per area in each state